Empower Your Ad Strategy with Prebid Server: No Third-Party Ad Stack. No Rev-Share. Your Infrastructure or Ours. Just Transparent Predictable Pricing & Seamless Integration.

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Who We Are

PrebidServer.io is powered by over 15 years of adtech innovation and a deep commitment to making Prebid Server accessible for all. With a rich history of managing Prebid across thousands of sites, including Fortune 500 companies, we've mastered the art of optimizing ad revenue and slashing infrastructure costs. Our vision? To challenge the status quo of revenue sharing and restrictive ad stacks, offering Prebid Server as a straightforward, SaaS solution. We're here to put the power back in the hands of publishers, with transparent pricing and unparalleled control over their ad operations. Welcome to the future of digital advertising—simplified, efficient, and within your reach.


Get started in moments with just a single line of JavaScript. Our streamlined integration process makes deploying Prebid Server straightforward, ensuring you're up and running with minimal fuss.
Unlock detailed server analytics for strategic fine-tuning. Use A/B testing to empirically validate your mix of demand partners for both client-side and server-side bidding. Enhance site speed and user experience by optimizing bidder placement, allowing for continuous refinement. This approach not only improves every visit but also ensures your ad strategy is both efficient and effective.
Embrace the power of automation with our intelligent optimization. Our AI-driven system analyzes a multitude of signals to decide the optimal placement of demand—client-side or server-side—based on your goals. Whether you aim to maximize revenue, elevate user experience, or strike a perfect balance, our technology simplifies these complex decisions
Boost your revenue by expanding the competitive landscape of your auctions. By optimizing the number of demand partners and reducing reliance on client-side bidders, you can offer smoother, faster site experiences.
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